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We’re not just another Dance Studio … we’re Art In Motion!

KCPA is recognized as a non-profit educational conservatory with the focus of instructing students of all ages and abilities in various disciplines of the performing arts. Our directors have master’s degrees or equivalent. Our president and director of theater, our director of dance, and our director of music have a combined teaching experience of more than 70 years. To learn how you can help support the Arts and our scholarship fund, click on “Donations“.


Our Philosophy

We desire to educate our students in a non-competitive fun and loving environment that promotes excellence, self-confidence and self- discipline. We work with and perform for local community events to encourage harmony and good will within the Kearsarge area. It is our mission and passion to teach and train students from all walks of life.


Why choose us?

The Arts should be an integral part of every student’s education. Our highly qualified staff is enthusiastic to impart their expertise and love for the performing arts to students within the Kearsarge and surrounding regions. Our educational programs marry dance, music, and drama, and consist of classes in many of the various disciplines of the performing arts, including private music instruction.

Recent News

KCPA at WFFF October 12th & 13th

Saturday October 13th KCPA Cabaret Jim Mitchell Amphitheater 11:00-12:30 KCPA Art in Motion and Friends 2:00 Sugarriver Bank Sunday October 13th KCPA in Grand Parade 1:00 Main Street Warner

Jump Into Jazz Week! September 30th through October 3rd

Try a Jazz class for free and if you enroll you will receive a free pair of tights! Bring a friend and you both get a free pair of tights if they enroll. Check out our class schedule for times…

KCPA Classes begin September 3rd!

New classes, new teachers!

I recently had the pleasure of observing a number of classes at KCPA as I was taping footage for a series of interviews we were doing for The Kearsarge Chronicle, a local television show highlighting local businesses and non-profits.  Having spent some time in dance and performance studios myself when my oldest daughter was in the field, I was impressed time and time again by both the staff and the students.  I saw the teachers keep command and interest throughout the duration of every class session.  The instructors were in tune with each student, making a gentle correction here and there, and giving plenty of encouragement along the way.  The students, likewise, had wonderful attention to their teachers.  You could see the respect the students had for their instructors.

The exercises and performances I witnessed were impressive as well!  What a great selection of classes and disciplines.  I saw older students on pointe and the littlest ones learning how their bodies move with simple tumbling and balance exercises.  I particularly enjoyed a piece that was choreographed by a high school senior, herself a student instructor at the conservatory.

The voice and acting classes were top notch.  Most students take acting as part of their training to help them express themselves best on stage.  This is a wonderful compliment to the dance and voice training at KCPA.

And Angela…well you can see, through her leadership, why this conservatory has become such a wonderful place for performers of all ages to grow and develop their skills.  It is obvious that she is adored by her staff and students.  We are very lucky to have such a performing arts school in our midst.