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KCPA Precautions for COVID Session 4

  • Only students and instructors are permitted entrance to the studio unless during an emergency
  • Students enter one at a time from their cars 
  • Masks must be worn at all times by students and staff
  • Temperatures are taken
  • They are asked if they have had any symptoms
  • Any student that is experiencing any COVID symptoms will not be allowed in the Studio
  • They are given hand sanitizer
  • They remove their shoes
  • They go to their “square” 
  • Students are 10 feet apart at all times
  • All belongings: shoes water etc. must remain in their square
  • Hand sanitizer must be used before using the restroom
  • Students are asked to wash hands properly with warm water and “sing Happy Birthday twice”.
  • Students help to sanitize the Studio: all floors, barre’s, door knobs and light switches are sanitized
  • Students are given hand sanitizer and dismissed one at a time
  • Studio is aired out after being sanitized between classes
  • Any student or staff member traveling outside of New Hampshire must follow recommended quarantine procedures prior to returning to KCPA for classes.
  • Any student or staff member directly exposed to COVID -19 follow recommended testing/quarantine procedures prior to returning to KCPA for classes.