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KCPA Giving Tuesday November 30th


Hello all, 

Please consider supporting KCPA this Giving Tuesday. With your generous offer we would be able to purchase and remodel our studio, expand our programs to include new programs like “special needs”  so that we are better able to serve our students and the surrounding communities. 

Kearsarge Conservatory of the Performing Arts is small but mighty in our mission to advance the arts locally and beyond. It is, and has always been, our  belief that everyone deserves an arts education. KCPA is art in motion when we perform, and art in motion as we promote the belief that “education without the arts is incomplete”. As arts funding has declined and in many cases been eliminated from both public and private teaching institutions, KCPA certainly fills the gap. We believe that the more exposure and immersion children and families have to the arts, the more their imaginations and creativity will flourish into personal desires for further exploration. Through excellent education and patient training, we give our students the tools to become beautiful performers and beautiful people, imparting the importance of the arts in our culture and our futures. Passion breeds passion and it is our heartfelt hope that a passion for the arts will transcend differences of race, nationality, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, or economic means. Many studies have been done on the importance of art education for children. We believe that “education without the arts is incomplete.” The following reasons will not only serve them now but for the rest of their lives: 

  • Encourages Creativity
  • Improves Academic Performance
  • Develops Motor Skills gross and fine
  • Creates Self Confidence 
  • Enhances Learning Visual, Audial and Tactile 
  • Develops Decision Making 
  • Teaches Perseverance  
  • Enhances Focus 
  • Teaches Collaboration  
  • Teaches Accountability and Responsibility

With the rise of the opioid crisis, childhood obesity and the increase of type 2 diabetes in young adults and children it is becoming even more important that they are given the opportunity for physical activity. Not all children are drawn to sports. KCPA offers the opportunity to maintain a healthy lifestyle in mind, body and spirit through physical movement, creativity and critical thinking. With the purchase and remodel of our existing facility we can  begin teaching classes for special needs students (as there are none available in our region). Special Education teacher/ blogger Nancy Bailey states in the Importance of Art for Students with Disabilities that “If inclusion is the goal for students with disabilities, as has been described in the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, then art classes should be a high priority. The following reasons will not only serve them now but for the rest of their lives by: 

  • Level the playing field
  • Children with difficulties in academic subjects might excel at the arts 
  • Could lead to future employment 
  • Develop self esteem 
  • Bring joy and motivation to stay in school

 From the youngest students, like two and a half year-old Lizzy who, with a big smile on her face after her first class ran to her mommy saying, “I had so big fun with Miss Anga” to the older students who share their passion with school classmates and the community, KCPA’s students excel both in and out of the studio with infectious enthusiasm. Your generous offer will equip us to not only expand our facility and increase our programs providing  a safe after school environment through teaching and mentoring  that will include more students that are so often forgotten or left out of arts programs due to disabilities or lack of income.  

Also please consider using Amazon Smile if you shop online! KCPA will get a percentage at no additional cost to you! 

Thank you again for considering KCPA as part of your Giving Tuesday,

Angela Tarleton 

Co-Founder and Artistic Director KCPA 

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