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Michelle Gosnell

Music Director

Michelle Gosnell is a Texas transplant to the New Hampshire Area.  She has a Bachelor of Music with a specialization in vocal performance from Texas Tech University.  In Addition, Mrs. Gosnell had the opportunity to work with Marshal Williamson who recently retired from Julliard after 36 years.  Michelle is a coloratura soprano, and during her first session Mr. Williamson said, “My dear, you have a rare gift and there a very few of you left in this world; you must practice much and sing often.”  She also had the opportunity to study with Edwardo Brown, Opera Director, of the Fort Worth Symphony.

While in Texas she had extensive experience with a professional acting troop call the Salt Box Players who traveled throughout the DFW Metroplex performing Children’s Theatre in both Public and Private Schools.  Mrs. Gosnell is currently teaching Musical Theatre at Kearsarge Conservatory of the Performing Arts (KCPA) in Warner, NH and has a full schedule instructing private voice and piano to students both home schooled and public schooled students.

She says, “My goal in working with a voice student is to first recognize the natural range of the voice and then work closely with the student to choose a repertoire that both fits the voice and interests the student.  We then work on vocal placement to find the true bel conto, combined with work on tonal memory, breathing, posture and relaxation; and in doing so we have fun!  We learn and practice stage presence, facial expression, blocking and the importance of being passionate about performing.  We learn to communicate as we perform, to share what the composer wanted to come across through the lyrics, melody and dynamics and often we analyze the accompaniment for any hidden meaning; in essence, we work to give the audience a wonderful experience.”

As far as piano lessons, she uses the Bastian Series for it gives a strong foundation in music theory as well as teaching the student to recognize patterns through intervals which is vital in sight reading.  Miss Michelle, as her students call her, feels the most important thing is that she and the students have a positive and fun experience while learning.