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Angela Tarleton


Angela Tarleton – known to all as Miss Angela – has over 30 years of experience.  On a College and Conservatory level, she has worked in every medium of the performing arts.  She understands the performance process from stretching to warm up the body to the bows at the end of a performance.  Being equally actress, dancer, singer, choreographer, director, playwright and musician (also an accomplished flutist) she fits into any mold needed.  She has taught acting to dancers and dance to actors, and works well with directors, musical directors, as well as the technical crew.  She has designed lighting and costumes for many dance concerts.  She is a “Renaissance Woman” in her own right.  When teaching, directing or choreographing she maintains a strong focus of activity, creating a sense of unity and purpos that “gets the job done”! As an original visionary and founder of Christ Arts Institute, Inc. she kept the “vision alive” with her innovative ideas and dedication to excellence in training and performance, and she continues to do the same here in New Hampshire with Kearsarge Conservatory of the Performing Arts! 

Angela Tarleton has written a Fully Graded System of Ballet Curriculum with accompanying music arranged by Kim Nichols and Angela Tarleton.  A graded system simply means that each level has exact dance steps and techniques that are required learning before the student can pass to the next level.  It also means that each teacher follows this curriculum so that no matter who teaches the classes, nothing is omitted before the student passes to the next level.