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Class Descriptions

KCPA offers a variety of performing arts classes: from dance to musical theater, music and acting.  With classes for ages 2& ½ through adult, there is something for everyone.  Browse our class descriptions below, and then click here to enroll in a class.

After you complete the online registration process you will receive an email with a PDF attachment that contains the Dress Code and Studio Policies.  Please print out these forms and have your child read & sign them to acknowledge they understand the policies.  You can then hand these signed forms to your instructor.

At KCPA we love pre-schoolers!  We have an excellent Pre-School Program with lots of choices for your child.

Fun for Mini’s: a class for 2& ½ to 3 year olds. Students in this class will learn 20 minutes of music, 20 minutes of movement, and 20 minutes of tumbling.

Pre-School Dance: in this 60 minute class, children ages 3-4 learn 30 minutes of tap and 30 minutes of ballet.

Pre- School Music: In this 30 minute class, children ages 3-4 learn note and rest recognitions and values C scale on the piano, as well as rhythm and singing.

Pre-School Tumbling: children ages 3-4 learn age appropriate tumbling skills, and use the mini-trampoline and floor balance beam.

BOYS CLASS is a class designed for boys and young men.  At KCPA we really want to see boys encouraged in the arts – the future of the arts depends on them! KCPA offers boys classes in two levels:

  • A Class: 1 hour 2 days a week for boys  in 6th-12th Grade.
  • B Class: 1 hour 1 day a week for boys in Kindergarten-5th Grade.

Acro is a combination of Tumbling and Dance moves.  A high energy class that’s perfect for students that want to incorporate tumbling into their Hip Hop or Cheer leading routines.

  • Pre-School Tumbling: children ages 3-4 learn age appropriate tumbling also mini-trampoline and floor balance beam.
  • Acro 1: for beginner students
  • Acro 2: for more advanced students

KCPA trains dancers in a fully graded systems of ballet curriculum written by Director Angela Tarleton.  The curriculum is complete with accompanying music arranged by Kim Nichols and Angela Tarleton, played by Kim Nichols. A graded system simply means that each level has exact dance steps and techniques that are required learning before the student can pass to the next level.  It also means that each teacher follows this curriculum so that nothing is omitted before the student passes to the next level regardless of the teacher. Exams are held at the end of the year for students wanting to pass to the next level.

  • Ballet I: 60 minute class for Kindergarten  through 2nd grade Beginners.
  • Ballet II: 60 minute class for 3rd-5th grade beginners, or children that have passed Ballet I.
  • Ballet III: 90 minute class for 6th grade and up beginners, as well as younger children that have progressed to that level.
  •  Ballet IV and V: 90-120 minute classes for intermediate/advanced students that have progressed to those levels.
  • Ballet VI: 120 minute class where students learn classical variations.  Students must be enrolled in Ballet V & Pointe to attend.
  • Adult Ballet: a class geared for adults that have danced before and those that are just beginning. It is not only “a dream come” true for many individuals that makes them feel beautiful and elegant but it’s great for aerobics, stretch, strength and balance as well.
  • Pre-Pointe: for the serious student that would like to begin studying pointe.  Dancers must be at least 9 years old with previous ballet training.
  • Pointe: for the very serious student.  Dancers must be at least 11 yrs old and have had previous ballet training.

Modern Dance is a wonderful art form all unto itself that uses the full range of motion of the body.  It is usually performed barefoot and includes lots of floor work.  Students enrolled in modern are required to take a ballet class as well.

Contemporary is a style of expressive dance that combines elements of several genres including modern, jazz, lyrical and ballet. Classes are designed to help connect the mind and the body through fluid movements, allowing dancers to find a range of facial and physical emotion.  Dancers enrolled in Contemporary are required to take a ballet class as well.

KCPA offers classes for all ages in jazz and hip hop.

  • Jazz/Hip Hop I: a combined style class for kindergarten -2nd grade beginners.
  • Jazz/Hip Hop II: a combined style class for 3rd -5th beginner/intermediate students or those that have progressed to that level.
  • Advanced Jazz: for those students who have progressed to the advanced level. This class focuses solely on jazz technique.
  • Advanced Hip Hop: for those students who have progressed to the advanced level.  This class focuses on advanced hip hop technique.

KCPA offers an extensive tap program for all levels and abilities.

  • Tap I:  45 minute class for kindergarten -2nd grade beginners.
  •  Tap II: 45 minute class for 3rd -5th beginners or younger students that have progressed to that level.
  • Tap III  IV and Advanced Tap are based on skill level.

Our class begins with breathing exercises and vocalizing.  We then play games which help to relieve the actors of inhibitions, learn trust and build skills to work together to communicate as a team both verbally and interpersonally; which is vital when working together in a production. We also work on staging and blocking techniques, facial expressions, voice projection and movement on stage.  The most important aspect   however, is that we have fun while learning and working together to give our  audience the most enjoyable experience possible. Please note:  we work on “cold reading” of scripts for monologues, skits and the lyrics to the music. Therefore, one of the pre-requisites of the class is the actor needs to be able to read.

KCPA provides a Total Emerson Program. This is for serious drama students in 6th-12th Grade. Younger students will be considered and auditioned on recommendation only. Adults are welcome as well. Students will study many aspects of Theatre Arts such as: Acting-Improvisation- Dialects-Period Style Movement/Gestures-Elocution Character Interpretation. Taught by Kevin Tarleton MFA Acting & Directing.

Our Theater & Acting program helps prepare students for auditions at: Professional Summer Stock Theatres, Local Community Theatres, and School Productions.

Private Piano: We use the Bastian Series for it gives a strong foundation in music theory as well as teaching the student to recognize patterns through intervals which is vital in sight reading.  Miss Michelle, as her students call her, feels the most important thing is that she and the students have a positive and fun experience while learning.

Private Voice: Our goal in working with a voice student is to first recognize the natural range of the voice and then work closely with the student to choose a repertoire that both fits the voice and interests the student.  We then work on vocal placement to find the true bel conto, combined with work on tonal memory, breathing, posture and relaxation; and in doing so we have fun!  We learn and practice stage presence, facial expression, blocking and the importance of being passionate about performing.  We learn to communicate as we perform, to share what the composer wanted to come across through the lyrics, melody and dynamics and often we analyze the accompaniment for any hidden meaning; in essence, we work to give the audience a wonderful experience.”

  • Zumba ®“Are you ready to party yourself into shape? Forget the workout, just lose yourself in the music and find yourself in shape at the original dance-fitness party. Zumba® classes feature exotic rhythms set to high-energy Latin and international beats. Before you know it, you’ll be getting fit and your energy levels will be soaring! It’s easy to do, effective and totally exhilarating.” 
  • Pilates is a stretch and strength mat class that is very safe for students of all ages. It uses gravity and ones own body to enhance strength, stretch and balance. It specifically targets the core abdominal muscles, which is excellent for strengthening the lower back as well as the entire body.
  • Adult Ballet is a class geared for Adults those that have danced before and those that are just beginning. It is not only “a dream come” true for many individuals that makes them feel beautiful and elegant but it’s great for aerobics, stretch, strength and balance as well.  More advanced adults may opt to take Ballet IV or Ballet V instead.
  • Tap
  • Modern
  • Private Voice & Piano
  • Guitar, Ukulele & Bass Guitar
  • Acting

Don’t be frightened by photos from our performances! Performing in shows is not mandatory but is offered to those that love to be on stage no matter their age.

This program is not currently running at KCPA. Please check back soon.

Parents and their 0-24 month olds are invited to join us at KCPA for First Steps in Music classes.  Music and movement are important in the lives of young children.  These classes will teach parents how to help their children become more tuneful, beautiful, and artful.  The classes are broken up into 9 sections; Bounces, Wiggles, Tickles, Tapping, Clapping, Simple Songs, Simple Circle Games, Movement with Recorded Music, and Lullabies.  Through these 9 activities, children are exposed to quality singing as well as music with a steady beat and artful movement.

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Class Rates

Get a 10% discount for enrolling in 2 or more classes per-family.
Get a 10% discount for paying your full 10-month tuition balance up front!

Tuition is based on our scholastic year of  a 10-month class commitment.  You may break your payments into 10 month increment, or pay the entire sum upfront.  If you miss your class for any reason you may make up the class during another class time.

30 Minute Weekly Class
/ month
45 Minute Weekly Class
/ month
60 Minute Weekly Class
/ month
90 Minute Weekly Class
/ month
120 Minute Weekly Class
/ month
60 minute class that meets twice per week
180 Minute Weekly Class
/ month
90 min class that meets twice per week
Zumba / Pilates Drop In Class
/ class
Private Piano or Voice Lesson
/ month
30 minute weekly lessons. $75 for 5-week months.  Sessions must be booked directly with Michelle Gosnell.  For contact information, please click the button below.

Private Guitar, Ukulele, Bass Guitar
/ lesson
30 minute weekly lessons. Sessions must be booked directly with Brannon Cook.  For contact information, please click the button below.

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