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KCPA New Teacher Andrew Alvarado

KCPA welcomes Andrew Alvarado!

KCPA is pleased to welcome our New Teacher Andrew Alvarado! He will be teaching Hip Hop, Jazz Fundamentals, Jazz Applying Fundamental, and Contemporary Applying Fundamentals. I have known him and his family for many years, he is a wonderful young man and KCPA is lucky to have him!

 From Mr. Andy-“My name is Andy Alvarado, I’m 24 and I’ve been dancing since I was a young kid. Growing up I was inspired a lot by my mother who was an apprentice at Boston Ballet before she got married and had kids. I started taking dance as soon as I was able to even walk. From tap, to theater I always enjoyed moving to music! I started substitute dance teaching when I was 18-19 and fell in love with instructing as well as performing! My goal always first and foremost as a teacher is to see my kids grow in skill and passion for the craft. When you’re passionate about something it reflects on how much growth there is, and growth is a sign of strength. I’m almost 25 and My number one goal as a dancer outside of teaching is to always be growing and never settling for where I am at as a dancer/performer!”