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Elimination Of Racial Discrimination Stock Illustration, No To Racism


Hi all, 

I am back in the States now and have just gone through one if not THE most difficult months of my life. Thank you for all your compassion, love, support and understanding during this time. I’m going to ask a favor from y’all please consider joining the peaceful protest today in Warner on Main Street from 4:00-6:00. I am still in quarantine and I take that very seriously as I want to be part of the solution not the problem. I will be in my car with my signs and will safely drive up and down Warner to show my support and solidarity to all my dear family and friends of color. I came back from a heartbreaking time dealing with the circumstances of dealing with my mothers death in a foreign country and during COVID to find that my dear family and friends are hurting and suffering from social injustice which is as always unacceptable!  I’m asking that you join me and wanted to make sure if you didn’t see me it was ONLY due to my quarantine. 

Much Love and great hopes that you will join me today,

Miss Angela