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Excaliver Oval

Spring Show June 21st & 22nd 2:00 Matinee

Kearsarge Conservatory of the Performing Arts

The Spring Show 2014

Act I Quest for Excalibur Ballet

Act II The Variety Show

I AM SOOOOOOO PROUD OF ALL MY WONDERSTUDENTS THE SHOW WAS BREATH TAKING! Thanks for all the wonderful comments and accolades!!!! Super special thanks to the tech crew and back stage help I couldn’t do it with out all of you!!!!  Also special thanks to: John Swindell of Kearsarge Studios for the amazing Photos (scroll down to see them) & Dan O’Leary for the Videos and closed circuit TV to help with entrance’s and exits  KCPA HAS THE BEST PEOPLE IN THE WORLD WE REALLY ARE ONE BIG EXTENDED FAMILY!
Much Love,
Miss Angela


Synopsis of Quest for Excalibur Ballet Story.

This original story of mine takes place in Camelot. Merlin the wizard has been given Excalibur from the Lady of the Lake. He has ensorcelled it into a stone and only the true King of England can draw it out. Young Arthur finds the sword and draws it from the stone. He will be made the next king of Camelot after he is married to princes Guenevere. Morgan Le Fey the evil sorceress and her two sisters Blasine and Morgause have devised an evil plot to steal Excalibur and destroy it in order to discredit Arthur and take the kingdom for themselves. They capture Guenevere put a magic glamour on Morgan Le Fey to take the face and form of Guenevere. In this guise Morgan tricks and captures Merlin and in traps him in the crystal cave. Aoife a young maiden has the gift of visions, Merlin sends her a dream that he has been captured and of the evil plot of the sisters. In this dream he tells her she must find the Lady of the Lake and receive a magic potion which will release him from the crystal cave. Her father was a Knight of Camelot and was killed in battle so her mother Lyssa is a loyal subject of the realm. Aoife confides to her mother and tells her of the dream. Her mother is sad but knows that Aoife must travel to Camelot to warn the King. In her travels she meets a young boy named Liam whose father is the Royal Huntsman and its Liam’s dream to become a Knight of Camelot. Aoife tells him of her story, and he agrees to help her find the Lady of the Lake, get the potion and release Merlin from the crystal cave. As they travel to Camelot all the creatures of the magic forest try and help them on their quest. They get the potion from the Lady of the Lake, find Merlin and release him from the magic spell. The evil sisters have created a spell to destroy Excalibur but Merlin reverses the spell and destroys them instead. All of Camelot rejoices that the evil sisters have been destroyed Excalibur has been returned and Arthur and Guenevere are to be married.